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Gateway Jets: Managing the Citation Mustang, Part 1 - Getting Started With Your Jet

Owning and operating a Cessna Citation jet should be a rewarding experience. What could be better than arriving at your destination in your own aircraft, on your own time, ready to step out and get on with your day? The availability of more affordable and efficient business jets, along with more professional aircraft management and crew options, make this a great time to consider investing in the Cessna Citation model that best fits your needs.

The Aero Experience now begins a series of feature stories highlighting the Cessna Citation Mustang, the smallest Citation model, managed by St. Louis-based Gateway Jets. We recently met with Corey Tomczak, Gateway Jets President and pilot rated in the Citation family of jets, for some advice on selecting and managing the Citation Mustang.

“The Citation Mustang is one of the aircraft that we specialize in," Tomczak told The Aero Experience. "It’s entry-level, it’s economical, it’s accessible, it’s fun." Seating 5 passengers and the pilot, or fewer passengers but more fuel and baggage, it is just the right size for many regional businesses owners who visit multiple locations on a tight schedule.

“The Citation Mustang is a great entry-level jet," Tomczak continued. "Its operational costs are similar to turbo-props, with speeds up to 100 knots faster. It offers a great step up from piston or turbo-prop aircraft without breaking the bank.” Citation Mustangs currently on the market are priced competitively with turbo-prop aircraft and smaller jets, adding to their appeal. The aircraft currently managed by Gateway Jets is a 2013 High Sierra cabin package (more on this later), and it looks and smells like new.

Being the smallest member of the Citation family does not mean it offers small performance. While sitting in the cabin, Tomczak described the passenger experience. “The Citation Mustang can cruise as high as 41,000 feet in pressurized comfort, above most weather and commercial airline traffic, breathing at cabin altitude of about 8,000 feet much like the airliners. This aircraft is pressurized and quiet, leaving you refreshed upon landing. There is very little jet lag or effects from vibration experienced on propeller-driven aircraft." The Citation Mustang also includes such creature comforts as XM radio, satellite phone, fold-out table, lavatory and refreshment console.

Owning, operating and even flying your Citation Mustang jet, and also running your own business or organization, is not always feasible. That is where Gateway Jets can help. Corey Tomczak and his staff can expertly guide new owners through the purchase process and manage the aircraft's operation, crewing, maintenance and legal compliance.

“Gateway Jets is a company designed to give the client the best experience of owning an aircraft at a reasonable cost," Tomczak explained. “At Gateway Jets, we make sure that you have a mission-ready aircraft without the stress that goes with ownership. Leave the fine details up to us. Your only job is to arrive and fly.”

Corey Tomczak and his staff are always looking out for their clients, providing the opportunities for them to employ their aircraft in the most economical manner. “Gateway Jets specializes in efficient aircraft, and the Citation Mustang is one of the most efficient planes you can buy," he added. "We believe that private aviation should be accessible, and the Citation Mustang offers a great entry-level jet."

The Aero Experience will continue our conversation with Corey Tomczak of Gateway Jets in Part 2 of this series as we focus on the features of the Citation Mustang and the benefits of aircraft management to small business aircraft owners.

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