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Production years:  2000-2005 / 2005-2014
Number produced:  241 / 224
Real-world cruise speed:  400/410 knots
Real-world range max fuel:  1300NM
Real-world range 4 Passengers:  1000NM
Gallons Per Hour:  140
Seats: 2 Cockpit, 4 club, 2 forward facing, optional belted lavatory. Optional side facing
Typical asking price:  $3.5/$4.8M

CJ2 ext dark.jpg

Empty (typical) weight:           7,700lbs                                            Cabin height:         4'8

Max ramp weight:                  12,500lbs                                           Cabin width:          4'9

Max takeoff weight:                12,375lbs                                           Cabin Length:       13'7

Zero fuel weight:                     9,300lbs                                            Aircraft length:       47'8

Max landing weight:                11,500lbs                                          Aircraft tail height: 13'8

Fuel capacity:                         3,932lbs                                            Wingspan:             49'10

Forward cargo:                       425lbs                                               Rear cargo:           325lbs

The CJ2 offers a 33 inch stretch in the cabin over the CJ, increased fuel capacity as well as cruise speed for minimally more fuel consumption. The Achilles heal of the CJ2 is the rather limited zero fuel weight number which was improved on the CJ2+.  The CJ2+ offers an integrated Collins ProLine 21 suite over the hybrid arrangement in the CJ2.  The CJ2+ incorporates FADEC easing pilot workload and increasing engine performance/cruise speeds.  FADEC, an extra 90lbs of thrust, and a redesigned FJ44 engine really up the performance of the CJ2+.   Many CJ2s have been upgraded to dual Garmin GTN 750 GPS.

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