About Us

We do not just broker aircraft, we manage and fly citations too! CJX will not recite the manufactures best case scenario performance figures rather give you real world operating numbers and costs based on firsthand and current experience. 

From our first conversation to final handshake (or fist bump in the Covid era) we promise an honest conversation with a clear goal.  We are happy to share our knowledge on the acquisition process, training providers, crew options and estimated budgets to ease your transition into jet ownership.

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Message from the president

I have been in love with aviation since I was 5, and professionally flying since age 19.  My career path took me from dreams of the airlines which were quickly brushed aside to corporate aviation. Somewhere on the journey I acquired a love for business.  My first professional flying job outside of instructing was a pilot on a Citation CJ2 in 2008.  I have been flying various models of citations ever since and now have an ATP with over 5,500 hours. 

In 2010 I decided to take the leap and start a flight school which started my love affair with aircraft ownership.  Shortly after we bought another Cessna for business/personal use, followed by a Mooney the next year for business travel.  A few “last airplanes” later and we are still upgrading to more capable aircraft as our family and business grow. 

Private aviation truly unlocks the world on your schedule, and I’d like to share that with all who have the means.  I understand the pleasures, and heartache aircraft ownership can offer.

- Corey Tomczak