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CitationJet “CJ”

Production years:  1993-1999

Number produced:  359

Real-world cruise speed:  360 knots

Real-world range max fuel:  1000NM

Real-world range 4 Passengers:  750NM

Gallons per hour:  130

Seats: 2 Cockpit, 4 club, 1 side facing, optional belted lavatory.

Typical asking price:  $1.7M


Empty (typical) weight:           6,600lbs                                            Cabin height:        4'8

Max ramp weight:                  10,500lbs                                           Cabin width:         4'9

Max takeoff weight:                10,400lbs                                           Cabin Length:      11'

Zero fuel weight:                     8,400lbs                                            Aircraft length:      42'7

Max landing weight:                9,700lbs                                            Aircraft tail height: 13'7

Fuel capacity:                         3,220lbs                                            Wingspan:             46'9

Forward cargo:                       425lbs                                               Rear cargo:           325lbs

The CitationJet was a clean-sheet design from Cessna over “legacy” models introduced in 1993.  NASA assisted with laminar flow wing design to bring a new level of efficiency to the light jet fleet. The CJ series was certified for single pilot operations from day one.  The original cockpit is a 6 pack standard design with basic radios and an antiquated FMS, although the majority of the fleet has been updated to incorporate Garmin GPS/NAV/COM units with the latest iteration being the GTN 750/750xi.  16 models have the G1000 cockpit conversion, and as of January 2021 an STC was released for the G600TXI and GFC 600 autopilot.

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