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Citation Jet Operating Costs

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Citation Jet Operating Costs

All citation jets have the same fundamental line items to each operating expense. The size and type of jet will determine how large or small each item is.

Contact us for a personalized operating cost summary based on your needs and type of jet.

We think of it in 3 terms:  How much will it cost me to keep annually regardless of flying? The cost from A to B? And annual maintenance cost

Fixed Costs

Insurance: Hall (covers your aircraft for physical damage) and liability (damage you cause to others) premiums will vary greatly. Pilot experience, experience in type, training, and value of aircraft affect this number the most. 

Maintenance Tracking Software:  Various options/price points to track when inspections are due, component replacements, and overhauls.

Navigation and Weather Subscriptions:  GPS/FMS Databases vary in price depending on coverage and hardware (Garmin vs Collins). XM weather subscriptions average $800/year.

Recurrent Training: Typically required annually in a simulator for each pilot.

Aircraft Cleaning:  Wash and wax on a regular basis, especially if operating near saltwater. 

Hangar:  No question here whether to keep your asset hangared inside. Cost varies greatly on location and type of hangar. 

Management Fee:  Are you going to manage your own aircraft? Have an external management company? Or a chief pilot?  They are responsible for ensuring maintenance is scheduled, tracked and complied with, the aircraft is legal, databases updated, insurance shopping, and so much more.

Flight Costs


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