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Corey Tomczak's Addition to the Team


Corey Tomczak: Elevating the Citation Jet Experience at The Citation Jet Exchange

[St. Louis, 6-15-2023] – The Citation Jet Exchange (CJX), a visionary leader in aircraft sales and acquisition, proudly highlights Corey Tomczak as the driving force behind the company's unrivaled expertise in the Citation line of aircraft. With his profound knowledge and extensive experience managing and flying models such as the Mustang, CitationJets, and the Excel Series, Tomczak has revolutionized the way clients buy, sell, and manage these exceptional jets.

As a distinguished broker specializing exclusively in the Citation line, Corey Tomczak brings unparalleled insight and a deep understanding of these aircraft to his role at CJE. With a passion for the intricacies and capabilities of the Mustang, CJ Series, and the Excel line, Tomczak's expertise ensures that clients receive unparalleled guidance and support throughout their aircraft transactions.

In addition to his brokerage insight, Tomczak's unique advantage lies in his hands-on experience managing and flying the Citation line. His intimate familiarity with these exceptional aircraft enables him to provide clients with invaluable insights and recommendations tailored to their specific needs. From assessing performance and operational requirements to identifying the perfect model within the Citation family, Tomczak's expertise guarantees that clients make well-informed decisions for their aviation needs.

Corey Tomczak's exceptional reputation extends beyond the realm of brokerage. His firsthand experience managing and flying the Mustang, CJ Series, and Excel Series enhances his ability to anticipate client preferences and address their concerns. With his comprehensive understanding of these aircraft, Tomczak is uniquely positioned to guide clients towards optimal ownership experiences, ensuring their satisfaction and peace of mind.

The Citation Jet Exchange takes immense pride in having Corey Tomczak as an invaluable member of its team. His unparalleled expertise in the Citation line, coupled with his commitment to providing exceptional service, has solidified CJE's position as the go-to destination for enthusiasts seeking to buy, sell, or manage their Mustang, CJ Series, or Excel Series aircraft.

About The Citation Jet Exchange: The Citation Jet Exchange (CJX) is a pioneering leader in aircraft brokerage and acquisition, specializing exclusively in the Citation line of aircraft. From personalized guidance to comprehensive transaction support, CJX is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and ensuring client satisfaction.

For media inquiries, please contact: Corey Tomczak President Citation Jet Exchange 314-203-4712

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