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Managing the Citation Mustang, Part 3 - Making It Happen

Owning and operating a Cessna Citation jet should be a rewarding experience. What could be better than arriving at your destination in your own aircraft, on your own time, ready to step out and get on with your day? The availability of more affordable and efficient business jets, along with more professional aircraft management and crew options, make this a great time to consider investing in the Cessna Citation model that best fits your needs.

The Aero Experience continues our series of feature stories highlighting the Cessna Citation Mustang, the smallest Citation model, managed by St. Louis-based Gateway Jets. We recently met with Corey Tomczak, Gateway Jets President and pilot rated in the Citation family, for some advice on selecting and managing the Citation Mustang.

In Part 1 of this series, we introduced Gateway Jets as a leading aircraft management company for the Cessna Citation Mustang. In Part 2, we took a virtual tour of the Cessna Citation Mustang and discussed the features that make it one of the most economical and enjoyable jets in its class. In Part 3, we will take a look at how Gateway Jets makes owning the Citation Mustang jet practical through their proven aircraft management program and dedication to serving their clients.

“Gateway Jets is a company designed to give the client the best experience of owning an aircraft at a reasonable cost,” Tomczak told The Aero Experience. “At Gateway Jets, we make sure that you have a mission-ready aircraft without the stress that goes with ownership. Leave the fine details up to us. Your only job is to arrive and fly.” Gateway Jets maintains three crews per aircraft to assure maximum flexibility for their clients.

Gateway Jets is a full-service aircraft management company, serving as the flight operations department for their customers. "We take care of the whole operation so that they (aircraft owners) can just arrive and fly knowing that their aircraft is in good hands," Tomczak continued. Gateway Jets serves St. Louis Downtown Airport and Spirit of St. Louis Airport, and manages all aspects of the flight operations including scheduling, cleaning, maintenance inspections and contracts, fueling, crew assignments, FAA regulatory compliance and more. Aircraft may be stored at the owner's hangar, at the Spirit of St. Louis Aero Charter hangar or in the newly available Gateway Jets hangar at St. Louis Downtown Airport.

Gateway Jets pilots have experience flying a wide range of aircraft, and have found that some aircraft offer the best performance and cost advantages for their clients. For Tomczak and Gateway Jets, the choice is clear. “Gateway Jets specializes in the Citation line of aircraft, particularly the Citation Mustang like this as well as the CJ series. They offer a great compromise between speed, efficiency, operating costs and fuel burn. In addition to the Citation line of aircraft, Gateway Jets Manages the King Air and TBM line of aircraft.”

Customer-focused aircraft management and open communication are part of the Gateway Jets experience. “Gateway Jets provides a complimentary mission evaluation," Tomczak explained. "We like to get to know our clients and their needs to find out which aircraft would best suite them. Purchase price, operating cost, number of passengers and baggage load, distance, and speed are all variables we take into account to give them the perfect aircraft.” Based on the mission evaluation, Gateway Jets can then assist in the purchase and management of the most appropriate aircraft for the client's needs.

Tomczak is looking forward to a new year of growth, adding more satisfied customers and aircraft to their current operations. "Our goal for 2018 is to add more turbine aircraft and hire more pilots on a full-time basis," he said. “2018 brings exciting possibilities with the tax benefits of owning a private aircraft. As of now, used aircraft may be depreciated 100% in the first year.”

Gateway Jets is ready to help with your aircraft acquisition, crewing and operations management needs. Contact Gateway Jets today and put your aviation assets in good hands!

The Aero Experience thanks Corey Tomczak and the Gateway Jets team for their hospitality during our visit at St. Louis Downtown Airport.

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