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Citation Jet Exchange

Interested in a Citation? Get help from a specialist!

Our philosophy

Here at CJX, we strive to focus on your best interests and accurately represent our brokered aircraft. We’re pilots and aircraft managers who offer pleasant and fair transactions, rather than salespeople who need to meet quotas.


Specializing in Citation sales and operations

Enter the jet world or purchase your “last” aircraft with CJX.


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CJX would love to help you sell your Citation. We’ll perform a review and market evaluation to ensure we can meet or exceed your target goals. We’ll also accurately represent your aircraft in all markets and sales channels. 


Nothing frustrates a buyer more than having trouble communicating with the listing agent, so we make ourselves accessible to both parties.



At the Citation Jet Exchange, we understand what makes an aircraft a great purchase. Let us guide you with our decades of experience in aircraft ownership and Citation operation. 


CJX has great relationships with the manufacturer, major dealers, and off-market channels, giving you access to a large number of aircraft. ​But the search is only half of the challenge. Buying a plane can involve multiple parties and a lot of complexity, so CJX can act as a quarterback during the process to minimize your stress.

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