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Citation Jet Exchange

Interested in a Citation? Get help from a specialist!

Why Us?

We speak fluent citation. With over 35 years of collective experience on 8 managed citations, our seasoned team provides unmatched insights into defining a superior jet. Going beyond standard Prepurchase Inspections (PPI), CJX proactively addresses potential "pilot squawks," ensuring a comprehensive evaluation. Choose CJX for an expert-led, streamlined jet journey.


Specializing in Citation sales and operations

Enter the jet world or purchase your “last” aircraft with CJX.

Our philosophy

Here at CJX, we strive to focus on your best interests and accurately represent our brokered aircraft. We’re pilots and aircraft managers who offer pleasant and fair transactions, rather than salespeople who need to meet quotas.

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Turn your Citation into cash with CJX! Our meticulous market evaluation guarantees maximum return on your investment. We'll craft a captivating, detailed profile of your aircraft, reaching buyers across every channel.


We are responsive to prospective buyers; smooth communication fosters mutual trust and understanding, leading to quicker deals and happier parties.  

                      Bringing a CJ2+ from -------->

                      the UK to USA over Greenland

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At the Citation Jet Exchange, we leverage our expertise in Citation jet aircraft to facilitate a seamless purchasing experience for our clients. Drawing upon decades of Citation operations, we are well-equipped to guide you through the intricacies of acquiring the ideal aircraft. Our strong relationships with the manufacturer, major dealers, and exclusive off-market channels afford you access to an extensive range of aircraft options.


However, recognizing that the acquisition process can be complex, involving multiple parties, CJX serves as your knowledgeable quarterback, navigating the intricacies to minimize stress and ensure a smooth transaction.

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